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What is Salesforce used for?

Salesforce unites your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams from anywhere with Customer 360 — one integrated CRM platform that powers our entire suite of connected apps.


Attract more buyers using personalised marketing.


Win more customers by getting to know their needs and concerns.

E Commerce

Deliver the amazing shopping experiences your customers expect.

Customer Support

Respond faster to customer support issues on any channel.


Win more customers by getting to know their needs and concerns.

Salesforce Services

Salesforce Integration

We use the Salesforce platform API for integration into existing applications and internal databases connecting you to all accounting, ERP, social media, e-commerce, and virtually any on-premise systems, cloud software products, or third-party platforms.

Salesforce Consulting

As a Certified Salesforce Partner, Iflex provides Salesforce consulting services aimed at helping businesses across industries including retail, IT, finance, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. sectors, to leverage the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Programming

Our Salesforce developers use the Apex programing language with Java-like syntax, beside the Visualforce markup language, Salesforce extensions for Visual Studio Code, ASCII text file Editor within the Developer Console workspace, and different programming tools

Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce implementation services incorporates configuring your custom-tailored Salesforce solutions mistreatment Apex™ code, that permits us to perform custom actions to your platform, as well as Salesforce platform updates, insertions, deletions, etc.,

Salesforce Configuration & Customization

We offers configurations & modifications of your Salesforce solution’s UI, business logic, and knowledge model mistreatment point-and-click tools, likewise as customization services for firms with massive amounts of data, complicated business logic, and external system integrations.

Salesforce App Development

With many years of experience using Apex, VisualForce®, SOQL, REST/SOAP, Lightning Web Components, JavaScript Frameworks, ProcessBuilder, Triggers, and other tools, we’re assured that we will build custom apps for internal desires or apps for AppExchange.

Salesforce Development Services

With Our Salesforce consulting services drive sales and operational excellence

Salesforce Installation

Our Salesforce installation experts are well-versed in Salesforce software development, integration, implementation, and optimization to deliver high-quality & fully functioning Salesforce CRM solutions that drive businesses forward.

Salesforce Migration

We’ll migrate your Salesforce Classic® to Salesforce Lightning® seamlessly, along with providing additional data migration, data back-up & recovery, and more enabling you to view essential business information from one centralized platform.

Salesforce Administration & Support

Our Salesforce experts specialize in providing ongoing Salesforce platform support and maintenance, addressing all issues including fixing bugs, troubleshooting, monitoring, data administration, system administration, and other additional support.

Salesforce Upgrades

We always stay on top of the latest Salesforce updates and operating software upgrades, helping you expand your Salesforce CRM functionality by upgrading your existing platform to a newer, fresher Salesforce platform with improved functionality.

Salesforce integration services for efficient business operation and high ROI

Integrating Salesforce with ERP

Integrate a variety of ERP apps such as Oracle ERP Cloud, NetSuite, SAP, Sage and more. Salesforce integration app will align your sales and resource management processes and give sales reps a holistic view of their customers, and plan procurement and manufacturing better with updated sales information.

Integrating Salesforce with Accounting

Connect your Salesforce CRM to an accounting system to share your company’s financial data with the sales team and improve customer profiles, invoices, transactions and forecasts. You can integrate your CRM with accounting apps such as Zoho Books, QuickBooks, Xero and more to gain data-driven financial insights to run your business better.

Integrating Salesforce with Marketing automation

You can align your sales and marketing process smoothly by integrating marketing apps such as Pardot, Marketo, HubSpot, MailChimp and others to the Salesforce CRM system. By integrating the CRM and marketing systems, you can reengage with cold leads, nurture leads, manage marketing campaigns on sales and offer a consistent customer experience.

Integrating Salesforce with Collaboration system

By integrating the Salesforce CRM with collaboration systems such as SharePoint, O365, Liferay, Sitecore and more you can manage collaboration seamlessly and store documents. Salesforce to SharePoint integration enables employees to flexibly collaborate on projects by avoiding pitfalls such as document duplication, system downtime caused by the usage of CRM as well as a collaboration tool.